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We have all felt times where we recognize a need to retreat, go inward, rest, reflect and renew. That is the central focus of private retreats at Wild Grounded Retreats.

Located on the shores of the Ottawa River, near Westmeath, Ontario Canada, Wild Grounded's location offers river front cottages as a setting for wellness retreats.

Root yourself on the gorgeous Canadian Shield at the shoreline, bask in natural light, soak up the warmth. It is likely that you will see Canadian geese, blue herons even bald eagles.

You can choose from three types of retreats; Individual Wellness Retreats; Women’s Wellness Retreats; or Staff Wellness Days.

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Wild Grounded is located on the shores of the Ottawa River, near Westmeath, Ontario Canada.


Experience solitude in nature

Do you sometimes feel the scales of balance starting to tip in your life? Is there too much output and not enough input that is causing drain? Individual retreats are a chance for you to disconnect from the strain of daily responsibilities and put balance back into your life.

Experience solitude in nature. This is when you have time to tune into your own intuitive healing, knowing what you need for yourself.

During your stay you will have access to onsite amenities such as a fully equipped kitchen, a seasonal garden to enjoy as you wish, hot tub, a hammock to read a stunning panoramic view and access to the Ottawa river, a river view bedroom designed to promote relaxation.

Based on availability, you may have the option of having a private counselling (Julie Edwards MSW, RSW) or a massage with a registered RMT during your retreat.

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River view bed room
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Panoramic views of the Ottawa River
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River view hot tub


Dedicate a weekend for yourself

Wild Grounded is now offering Women's Wellness Retreats which focus on restoring balance in the lives of women. For example, busy moms and caregivers, professionals, health providers, practitioners, medical staff, social workers, therapists, psychotherapists, nurses, PSWs, teachers and health care aids.

Women are increasingly taking control of their own health and career development, becoming entrepreneurs and leading organizations. This typically means that we are very good at “go” and “do” however struggle with “stop” and feeling “calm”. Many of us experience signs of nervous system imbalance.

In the field of mental health, we now have a deeper understanding of the human nervous system (polyvagal theory). There are many personal and global strains that over time can bring our nervous systems into dysregulation leading to burnout and illness.

Dedicate a weekend for yourself and your wellness. Reconnect with nature and other women. Learn tools that can help you to down regulate your nervous system, build emotional resilience and personal growth. Leave with a feeling of peace that you can take back with you into the hustle and bustle of your daily life.

Next Retreat: September 15 - 17, 2023

Cost $475

Includes: Gourmet meals and accommodation, wellness education, meditation, yoga, breathe work, guided forest bathing hike, music and bonfires. Option of purchasing a massage during your stay as well.

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Connect with other women
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Down regulate your nervous system
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Reconnect with nature


Improve morale and productivity

If you own a local company and would like an affordable way to show staff that you care about their wellness, Wild Grounded’s Staff Wellness Retreats may be a great option for you.

Laughter, play, reflection and calming exercises are used to help your staff connect with one another, team build, and reduce stress.

Your retreat can be adapted and designed to meet your organizations unique needs. It can be one day, or over the course of two days, with accommodations available. Show your employees that you are invested in their wellbeing. Improve morale and productivity.

The natural beauty of this location provides a memorable backdrop for your company’s special event.

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